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Record, Edit and Mix Audio
Computer/Hard Disk recording editing and mixing of audio projects
Radio Commercial Projects
TV Commercial Projects
Audio for Internet, CD-ROM and other Audio Visual Projects
Phone Prompts Audio Record Edit and Conversion 
On Location Voice Recording
Phone Patch Capabilities
Recording of Voice Talent while you listen and direct through your phone
After the recording, the audio is delivered to you or your production facility by Internet download
ISDN Digital Patch Capabilities
Recording of remote Voice Talent through ISDN digital lines
Sending of local Voice Talent audio to remote studio through ISDN digital lines
Audio File Conversion, Enhancement and Transfers
Format conversion of audio files
Transfer and enhance audio from tapes, cassettes, mini cassettes, records and other formats
Transfer audio to CDs and DAT
Audio Storage and Delivery
Radio Commercial delivery via Internet
Audio delivery via Internet
Offline audio storage
Sound Effects
Multiple sound effects libraries on CD at our location
Sound Design Service for your productions
Custom music produced to meet your needs
Music from mutiple music libraries available for your productions
Music Search Service

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